This will last between 35 and 40 minutes and will test your ability to drive safely on different types of roads and in a variety of traffic conditions. At the beginning of the test you will be asked to read a number plate from the required distance of 20.5m or 20m (depending on whether it is an old-style or new-style number plate). You will then be asked 2 ‘show and tell’ questions (see the link on the left). You will need to complete the test with no more than 15 driving faults and NO serious or dangerous faults in order to obtain a ‘pass’. During the test the examiner will ask you to drive for 10 minutes following road signs or directions (or a combination of the two). This will test your ability to drive independently without being ‘spoon-fed’ directions. He/she will also ask you to perform one reverse manoeuvre and may ask you to carry out an emergency stop. At your request, your instructor is able to accompany you on your test and will listen to the debrief given by the examiner at the end.