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“I had passed my test in 2005 and being a very unconfident driver, subsequently stopped driving. Five years later we had a baby on the way, and the need for me to drive became rather urgent. With Fiona I was able to relearn and become more confident than when I passed. Fiona is very good at making one at ease and incredibly patient. As a testament to her talent, I am still driving to this day, even though the necessity has passed. Sometimes I even enjoy it!” Alex, Haddenham

“I previously took my driving test 6 times before I started to learn with Destiny Driving School. As soon as I switched to Destiny, I felt a lot more confident and comfortable behind the wheel. My instructor, Fiona, was patient with me and put me at ease which helped me to focus a lot more and gave me a positive attitude on the build up to my test. I passed my test first time with Destiny and with only 1 minor! I wish I had gone to Destiny Driving School a lot sooner!” Elizabeth, Pitstone

“When I was first learning to drive I was really nervous and never thought I would be able to drive confidently by myself or pass my test. However, with the help of Fiona, I gained more and more confidence each week which resulted in me passing my driving test first time and with just 1 fault. She was really friendly throughout the process and was constantly pointing out the good parts of my driving rather than just the negative. I’ve had a really good driving experience with her” Stephanie, Aylesbury

“I am so glad a friend told me about Destiny Driving School as Fiona was a great instructor. I lacked confidence and was really nervous but she put me at ease straight away. She was patient and friendly and encouraged me until I got it right. I passed 1st time and would not have if it wasn’t for her. Thank you Fiona” Andrea, Aylesbury

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