Did you know that a fifth of UK motoring offenders, almost 54,000 learners have received points before even passing their test? These were the collective offences – some obviously charged with more than one!

Speeding (60 percent)
Jumping a red light (43 percent)
No insurance (33 percent)
Driving carelessly (16 percent)

A lot of learners are unaware that they can even receive points before passing their test, so be warned – the last thing you need so to finally get on the road having passed your test and you’re already well on the way to losing your license, not to mention the danger to yourself and the public when you offend.

Destiny Driving School in Aylesbury aims to give you the best possible start to your driving life and, given the right instruction and armed with the proper knowledge, offending before your test will just simply not be an option.