nervous-driversMany pupils are very nervous of the whole driving experience. Although they like the idea of the freedom and independence that comes with driving, many actually find the thought of controlling the car very daunting and have serious doubts about their own ability. Nervous pupils and those lacking in confidence need real understanding, patience and considerably more encouragement than other pupils. Here at Destiny, we pride ourselves on offering that support and understanding, enabling the pupil to feel relaxed and overcome these inhibitions.

Lessons are structured to suit each individual and a pupil will never be asked or expected to progress at a rate other than that with which they feel comfortable. Time is spent discussing the pupil’s concerns and you can be assured that your instructor will be able to pre-empt most situations or even take control of the vehicle through use of the brakes, clutch, gears and steering should the need arise.

Destiny Driving School believes in a step-by-step approach to learning to drive and you will progress at your own pace, building on your skills lesson by lesson. You will begin by learning about the various controls and the importance of all round awareness, moving on to changing gear and steering the car. This will be followed by learning to deal with junctions and then crossroads and roundabouts. As your confidence grows and your ability to control the car increases, you will learn to drive on a variety of roads, both rural and urban, before being taught how to manoeuvre the car in reverse gear. Only when you and your instructor feel that you are ready will you move on to the next level of your training.