Driving Lessons

Before you can start learning to drive you will need to be 17 and hold a valid provisional licence. To obtain your licence you need to complete a D1 form, available from the Post Office or by clicking on the link to the left. You then need to send this to the DVLA with your passport or birth certificate and a passport sized photo. The current fee for a provisional licence is £34.

destiny-driving-schoolDestiny Driving School is committed to teaching you to drive responsibly and safely, not just for the purpose of passing your test, but to enjoy a lifetime of safe driving with a mature and responsible attitude. The lessons will be structured to cover all parts of the DVSA syllabus and a range of teaching methods will be used, including the use of visual training aids and dashcam footage. Your progress is closely monitored during the lesson and feedback is given during and at the end of the session. Lessons always commence with a recap of the previous lesson to focus the pupil’s mind and highlight areas where particular progress was made as well as those areas that require further attention. During your lessons you will drive on a variety of roads, giving you experience of different traffic conditions. You will also be taught how to perform a number of reversing manoeuvres and, as test date approaches, you will undertake a ’mock’ test. A new pupil who has had some previous driving experience will be assessed on their first lesson to determine a ’starting point’ for their training.

My hourly rate has only increased by £1 over the past 7 years. Unfortunately, motoring expenses have substantially increased over the same period – vehicle purchase, servicing, maintenance and insurance have all increased considersbly. Although, I have resisted thus far, I feel that I cannot continue to run a viable business if I do not charge a price that reflects these increased running costs.

Therefore I am increasing my lesson charges as from 1st January 2020. From this date my prices will be as follows:

Prices for individual lessons:

1hr 1½hrs 2hrs
£30 £45 £60

You may prefer to save money by pre-paying for blocks of lessons. Prices for blocks of lessons:

10 x 1hr 10 x 1½hrs 10 x 2hrs
£290 £435 £580

Pass Plus Course £190.00

(Any pupils that would like to take maximum advantage of the current prices are welcome to pre-pay for 10 lessons at the existing rates before 31st Dec 2019)

Contact us on: 07883 011509 and we can help you fulfil your destiny.